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Camburg Engineering: Bridging the Gap Between Recreational Off-Roading and Racing

Rewind to more than 20 years ago. Jason Campbell and Jerry Zaiden were living at their parents’ houses, riding dirt bikes on weekends and after school, and helping out on off-road race teams in their free time. Immersing themselves into a world filled with engines, wheels, and endless amounts of silt helped steer...

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Round 16 Ends With Mixed Results

After a successful Round 15 in Las Vegas on Friday night where Carl finished 1st in Pro 4 and finished 2nd in Pro 2, expectations were that Saturday night would also result in strong finishes. As we know, what makes sense on paper does not always turnout in racing. Electrical issues once again plagued the Pro4...

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TIRES 101: Getting Prepared for Harsh Winter Driving

As Old Man Winter descends upon us, we wanted to take a few moments to help you prepare for winter driving. First, as a brief reminder, remember to always check your tire pressures on the first of each month…including the spare. Also, did you know that once the temperature drops below 45-degrees Fahrenheit, an...

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