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Mostly Dirt Every Day: Day 5

With ice and frost covering the tents, it seemed a little harder to get out of the sleeping bag on the fifth morning of our Mostly Dirt Every Day tour. Today, September 29, 2015 was the 100th anniversary of General Tire. With that in mind, we gathered together to take a group shot and send it back to General Tire....

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Mostly Dirt Every Day: Day 4

Morning came and the group started to gather, one by one, around a campfire that was holding off the last bit of darkness. You could already smell bacon on the grill of those early early risers, and tents were slowly coming down. We wanted to yell out, “Ten more minutes, Mom!!” but if we didn’t start getting up...

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Mostly Dirt Every Day: Day 3

What's better than a bunch of old 4-wheel-drives being used in their element—away from the creature comforts and electronic connectivity that the last few decades has brought us? Disappearing into the wilderness in a bunch of classic 4x4s took us back in time, and it was a nice getaway from all the electronic...

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