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Mostly Dirt Every Day: Day 2

It’s not just any tour; it’s the MDED tour! And that haze in the air is just dust kicked up due to 16 self-reliant classic 4-wheel-drives vehicles crossing hundreds of miles of dirt roads through the Palouse and into the Bitterroot Range. We were on Day 2 of our Mostly Dirt Every Day Tour, led by John Mears, and...

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Mostly Dirt Every Day: Day 1

We started on a brisk Fall morning at 7am from John Mears’ shop, Lost River Off Road in Spokane, Washington. John had selected a number of friends and accomplices with classic trucks, Jeeps (and even a Land Rover!) that he knew would make the trip. As we gathered, everyone walked around, weary of the other...

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MDED Tour: A Trip Like No Other

It is often said that just about the time one becomes old enough to realize what is really important, the right time and opportunity have already passed. We all have dreams and goals, but too often everyday life gets in the way of those. Enjoyment and education take backseats to work and other obligations, and we can...

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