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Action From NORRA Mexican 1000: BFI’s Suburban Races to Its Fifth Win

There is a race held once per year on the Baja Peninsula that is not so much about being first to finish, and instead more about showing team comradery and having fun. Unlike most races, this rally occurs over a period of four days (five including Contingency) and encourages participants to make the most of their...

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Hutchins Takes Home Gold at the Silver State 300

It’s a huge win for C.J. Hutchins, taking first place in the 1500 Class at the Silver State 300 over the weekend. His #1527 race car crossed the finish line on 37” General GRABBERS in a time of 5 hours and 24 minutes, giving him a first place finish in his class, and third overall position in the Silver State 300!...

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Chasing the Racers of the NORRA Mexican 1000

Call it a race, a rally... whatever you want. The NORRA Mexican 1000 is unlike any other off-road event in the world. To those lucky individuals who participate, this adventure is known as the Race of a Thousand Smiles. Started six years ago, by Mike Pearlman (son of Ed Pearlman) to honor the original National Off...

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