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Top 12 Road Trip Tips from General Tire

The United States has more roads (paved and unpaved) than any other country in the world, and with access to almost all of North America by vehicle, it seems almost a shame to not take a road trip or two this summer! But before you go on a long drive, a little preparedness can help make for a lot better (and safer)...

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Tires 101: How To Read Your Tire Sidewall

There are a lot of letters and numbers molded into the sidewall of tire, and they’re there to make sure you put the right equipment on your vehicle. Unfortunately, most tires aren’t sold with a vocabulary card that lets you identify what all those marks mean. But if you know what you’re looking at, reading a...

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Tackling the Mackenzie Trail

Outside of comfortable urbanization, the world can demand the best from a team, and if you aren’t fully prepared for the task at hand, the wilderness can send you packing for the nearest hotel. The luxuries of civilization make us take for granted the safety of a society that has largely forgotten what perils...

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