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A Competitive Class That You Can Afford to Race in: Jeepspeed

At the turn of the century, Clive Skilton had watched off-road racing remain a rich guy’s hobby for long enough. Where was the entry-level race class that would allow the rest of us to go fast in organized competition? With a goal and a plan, Skilton went out to find sponsors to assist in creating a race circuit...

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Bassmaster Elite Anglers Switch Focus to Angler of the Year

Now that the Bassmaster Classic is a couple weeks behind them, the Bassmaster Elite anglers hit the waters today to officially start the ‘regular’ tournaments season. The first event located in Palatka, Fla on the St. John’s River. Last night, we asked a couple of our sponsored anglers, 2016 Bassmaster Classic...

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Chase Motorsports: Family-Friendly With a DIY Attitude

By: David Beran, Courtesy of 4 Wheel Parts

When off-road desert racing was in its infancy, drivers bought a stock truck, doubled up on shocks, donned a helmet and were on their way. As those early pioneers made improvements, off-road vehicles became more specialized and required more time and money. Today, it’s...

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