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General Tire Grabs onto the Excitement of Easter Jeep Safari 2015

General Tire Grabs onto the Excitement of Easter Jeep Safari 2015

It’s no secret that General Tire hasn’t spent much time in Moab, Utah. So this year we wanted to touch our treads to the famous slickrock surrounding all of Moab, and see for ourselves what makes this area so incredible. We can tell you right now that the stories are true: almost everywhere you turn, Moab offers amazing views and breathtaking obstacles, over terrain suited for both the seasoned enthusiast and the big-eyed newbies.

This year, we joined the newbies with plenty of jaw-dropping moments as we traversed trails that pointed us almost straight up, straight down, and twisted us sideways. Thankfully, our trusty General Grabbers did not let us down. But the firsthand experience did show us how important it was for a tire to get as much traction as possible — especially when hanging wide-eyed over a hundred-foot cliff!

Next year, expect to see General Tire out in force during the Easter Jeep Safari 2016 in Moab, Utah. We’ll be bringing more of our team, outfitting more 4x4s with Grabbers, and be bringing out a lot more General Tire swag that you can score if you see us on the trail or at the vendor’s arena. We’re looking into what trails to run and where we could possibly throw a GT party… Anywhere is Possible!

Check back with General Tire as we’ll have more incredible GT experiences across the country and find out what our plans are for Moab next year!