CJ Hutchins





CJ Hutchins began racing at just 13 years of age.  The Henderson, Nevada-resident began racing in the 1600 Class and by the time he was 15, had his own 1600 vehicle.  At 17, Hutchins started driving with his father Mark in Class 10 and the rest is history.  The off-road stand-out won the Baja 500 in 2005 in Class 10 and solidified the SNORE Class 10 championship in 2007 and 2008.  Also in 2008, Hutchins captured the coveted Mint 400 win in Class 10, certainly a title to be admired. Hutchins will once again tackle the desert in 2012 with his father by his side.

Did You Know?

Relationship status: Married

Twitter handle: @CJHutchins1527

Favorite person(s) to follow on Twitter: 

Daily driver (what GT or Conti tires do you have on it?): Ford F-350 on General Grabbers!!

Best thing I ever ate : Sushi

Favorite place: Home

Hidden Talents: 

What’s playing on my iPod: 

I have to set my DVR for: Tosh.O

Three must see movies: Top Gun

Person I admire most and why: My Dad, Mark

Most memorable race/event and why: 

Best advice I ever got:

Other athletes I give big props to: Rob MacCachren

How I got my start racing/competing:

Favorite social media outlet and why?
My favorite social media outlet is Facebook. Facebook is easy to use, everyone is on Facebook, and it is a great tool for promoting our incredible sport.

Favorite race and why?
My favorite race is definitely the General Tire Vegas to Reno race. The course is an absolute blast to drive, from all the 100 mph roads to the tight technical sand-washes, Vegas to Reno is a fantastic course.

How do your General Grabbers help you during and off-road race?
The General Grabbers are not only extremely tough through rocks, but the increased traction is amazing. The Grabbers really do grab the dirt surfaces and propels my vehicle to top-speeds in no time! I am also able to out-drive my competitors into the corners with the tremendous stopping power the Grabbers provide.

Best location for a weekend of off-roading and why?

The best location for a fun-filled off-road weekend is most definitely Caliente, NV! It is a great little town that loves the OHV community. There are several great trails leading to many mountain tops in the area, with spectacular views of the valleys below. Not to mention, the Silver State OHV trail is near to the town.

What other adventure activities do you do outside racing?
My winter activities outside of off-road racing are snowboarding and mountain biking. Las Vegas is a great location for both activities. In the summer, I spent a lot of time at the lake with my family.

Where's the coolest place you've ever gone on Grabbers?
The Mission in San Javier, Mexico. It is located about 25 miles west of the city of Loreto. The church was built around 1758. It is a spectacular place to visit if you are ever in Loreto

If you were going to do a weekend off-road trip, what five essential things would you bring with you?
First, to survive the deserts of the rugged southwest, you have to have WATER. Second, I would have my faithful Hutchins Motorsports pre-runner that won't leave me stranded. Of course this means, I would need my General Grabbers, so I am not changing tires all weekend. The fourth component of the trip would have to be my Ipod! You can't be out there for days on end without some tunes! Last, but not least, is a lighter! I never go into the desert without a lighter in my pocket, as you never know when you will be spending the night in an unexpected location, it gets cold in the desert at night!

Top three road trip songs in your opinion?
For me and my crew, it always starts with the, “Bro Hymn Tribute”, by Pennywise! You can't go wrong with Scar Tissue, or anything else from Red Hot Chili Peppers! “I'll Be Here Awhile”, by 311, is another great road trip song.

Best road trip you've ever taken?
Racing in Mexico always makes for interesting road trips. One year we drove from La Paz to Las Vegas, without stopping. It took us about 27 hours! We had a few drivers in each truck so we could sleep on and off. You better hope you really like the people in your truck though, because that is a long time to be 24 inches away from three other men!

BONUS QUESTION: If you could go anywhere on your Grabbers, where would you go?
I would love to take some Grabbers across Antarctica! Talk about an epic journey to search for the colony of emperor penguins!