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Azunia Tequila CEO, Jim Riley, is passionate about racing and that passion led him to the deserts of the Western United States and Mexico to pursue his dream.  The owner/driver finished first in class 7-2 at the renowned Baja 1000 in 2010, in addition to winning the BITD Vegas to Reno and Henderson 240 races.  He also celebrated a class championship that same year.  In 2011, Riley posted wins at the first three BITD races (Parker, General Tire Mint 400 and Silver State), and celebrated victory at the historic NORRA Mexican 1000.  Look for Riley and the Azunia Tequila team to be a championship contender in 2013.

Did You Know?

Relationship status: Single

Twitter handle: @azuniajim or @azuniaracing


Facebook: facebook.com/JimRiley

Website address: www.azuniatequila.com

Favorite person(s) to follow on Twitter: @sunnygarcia @djstellar

Daily driver (what GT or Conti tires do you have on it?): Ford 2014 Super Duty and 250 Lariat with Grabbers

Best thing I ever ate : Javiers camerones con rajas

Favorite place: In Baja, Mexico as casa Johnson (aka Rick L. Johnson's house).

Hidden Talents: Cooking

What’s playing on my iPod: Black Keys, Pennywise, Donovan, Ben Harper

I have to set my DVR for: "Suits"

Three must see movies: Thomas Crown Affair – new version, Wall Street, Dust to Glory.

Person I admire most and why: My Grandfather Jack Linscott and my Dad - it's a tie.They taught me everything I know.

Most memorable race/event and why: The NORRA Mexican1000 in 2011. I was able to have a great time in Mexico without the stress of a traditional race. I had my best friends with me and a great racecar. The 1971 Snortin Nortin took me to the finish line with a vintage class win then we finished the trip at a private party in Los Barralias at the Agave Hotel.

Best advice I ever got: “Never give up.”

Other athletes I give big props to: Sunny Garcia, professional surfer

How I got my start racing/competing: I was introduced to racing by Cameron Steele.  He welcomed me to his racing family and gave me a nickname on day one. It was in my blood by day two.

Favorite social media outlet and why?

Instagram! Easy to use, and pictures tell 1000 words.

Favorite race and why?
The General Tire Mint 400. it's the biggest off-road race in North America! Racing, Drinks, Fun!

How do your General Grabbers help you during an off-road race?
They have performed for me time and time again! I have come to rely on their durability without question.

Best location for a weekend of off-roading and why?
Black Rock Desert, NV. Because there's nobody out there.

What other adventure activities do you do outside racing?

I am willing to try anything once just for the adventure. I have been surfing my entire life. I love snowboarding and wake boarding when there is time for an epic trip. I have also climbed several mountains in North America such as Mt. Whitney (14,495ft) and Ranier in Washington.

Where's the coolest place you've ever gone on Grabbers?
Baja Mexico-- from Mexicali to Cabo! Has to be the best trip ever.

If you were going to do a weekend off-road trip, what five essential things would you bring with you?
1. My girls (Samantha and Dearylin)
2. My Friends
3. Azunia Tequila
4. Ford Superduty
5. Music

Top three road trip songs in your opinion?

1. Motorhead - "Ace of Spades"
2. Joe Walsh - "Life Has Been Good To Me"
3. David Allen Coe - "The Ride"

Best road trip you've ever been on?
My memory always goes back to the road trip I took with a good friend, Jeff Michalak, to the Black Rock Desert in 2001. We took dirt bikes, guns, music, Coors Light, and a good friends. Everyday was an epic ride on the bikes through the desert. We found ghost town, hot springs, battle grounds from the cavalry, and wild animals. We were gone for five days. Funniest part of the trip- random train going by Hot Springs in the middle of the day while were all standing there covered in mud and naked. Must have been a sore site for the passengers in the middle of nowhere.

BONUS QUESTION: If you could go anywhere on your Grabbers, where would you go?
I would love to take a road trip across the USA through the South and return through the North. Checking out all of our major parks and scenery. Too many people forget how great the USA is! It would be fun to meet some good old fashioned Americans in the heart of our Nation!

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