1. Favorite social media outlet and why? Instagram because every post has a picture. 
  2. What’s your daily driver? A Chevy truck on Red Letter Grabbers. 
  3. Favorite race and why? The General Tire Vegas to Reno race because you start down in the desert and run up thru the mountains of Nevada.  Also because of the distance. 
  4. How do your General Grabbers help you during an off-road race? My Generals are great for forward bite. It is really awesome to have a tire that can get maximum power to the ground and launch us forward.
  5. Best location for a weekend of off-roading and why? I am a big fan of the the Glamis Sand dunes. Mostly because it is close to my house, but also because I have a great group of friends I go with. 
  6. What other adventure activities do you do outside racing? Biking has always been one of my favorite activities outside of racing. 
  7. Where’s the coolest place you’ve ever gone on Grabbers?
  8. If you were going to do a weekend off-road trip, what five essential things would you bring with you? Steak, Captain Morgan and Coke (don’t drink and drive), Grill, Motorhome, Ice 
  9. Top three road trip songs in your opinion? Fun – “Some Nights”, George Strait – “Clear Blue Sky”, Pit bull & Kesha – “Timber”
  10. Best road trip you’ve ever taken? Best road trip was probably when I was 10 with my Mom, sisters, Aunt and cousins. It started out as a two week trip that was going to take us through most of the western United States. We stopped at every National Park, State Park, and monument along the way. But after so many days in the car, when we arrived in Durango, CO, we all mysteriously became sick (Wink Wink) and we ended up staying there for another week to 10 days.


Bonus question: If you could go anywhere on your Grabbers, where would you go?
If I could go anywhere on my Grabbers it would probably be across South America for the DAKAR Rally.