Originally from San Clemente, California, Ryan “Fluffer” Hagy began riding motorcycles at the age of 11 and then went pro at age 17.  Hagy posted a sixth-place finish at the 2003 Summer X Games in Freestyle MotoX along with a fifth-place finish in the Reno X Games qualifier.  He also rode on the Rock Star Mayhem Festival from 2008 – 2010. As a charter member of the Metal Mulisha, Hagy is also the director of the Mulisha clothing line but found a passion for off-road racing.  He recently began competing in the LOORRS Series and in 2011 when his friend, and fellow teammate, Jeff “Ox” Kargola passed away from injuries received during an accident at the Baja 500, Hagy knew he had to do something to honor his comrade.  In June of 2011, Hagy debuted the “Ox” branded SuperLite truck at a LOORRS race and continues to pilot the truck in competition.  Look for Hagy to be a threat in 2012 as he chases a championship.

Did You Know?

Relationship status: Single

Twitter handle: @MMHagy

Favorite person(s) to follow on Twitter: @TeamGT, @Transworldmx, @racerx

Dailey driver (what GT or Conti tires do you have on it?): A 2011 Toyota Tundra with 35” General Grabbers!

Best thing I ever ate : I love chicken

Favorite place: Cabo baby!

Hidden Talents: Don’t tell anyone, but I know how to play the piano.

What’s playing on my iPod: Machine Head

I have to set my DVR for: Sons of Anarchy

Three must see movies: On Any Given Sunday, Black Friday, The Town

Person I admire most and why: I admire all my friends for the hard work they put into life to be happy and successful.

Most memorable race/event and why: It would be when OX won his first race at Firebird Speedway in 2011.

Best advice I ever got: To set your goals so high that you cant reach them!

Other athletes I give big props to: Brian Deegan, Cameron Steele, Ryan Hagy (lol)

How I got my start racing/competing: I come from FMX and have competed in X-Games, Dew Tour and several other motocross events and truck racing is very similar so I made the change in 2011 as my FMX career was near its end, and I did not want to leave action sports.

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