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Ricky Forbes
Ricky Forbes

Daily Driver
2010 Ford F-150
Pre-event ritual
Check cameras, check gas, check weather radars, turn on a great playlist.
If I wasn't an athlete
I would get into coaching the sports I love and share those passions with others.
How I got started
I got started storm chasing in 2012. Saw my first tornado and was hooked.
On my day off
Love to go after any and every adventure I can.
My ideal #AnywhereIsPossible roadtrip would be
The top of North America to the bottom of South America.

Career Highlights

 Star of the Netflix Show ’Tornado Hunters’ 

 Captured world’s largest recorded tornado - May 31, 2013, near El Reno Oklahoma - over 4km wide

 Captured twin tornadoes June 16, 2014

 Captured the largest tornado in North America in 2015 on my home soil in Canada - over 2.5 km wide. 

 Hosted the show 'Canada’s Greatest Explorer’

 Host on Much Music’s travel series ‘Far & Wide'