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The Trip Of A Lifetime

This year for General Tire has been the celebration of our 100th birthday. Our consumers and adventurists are the ones who live our brand to the fullest. During the months of June and July a sweepstakes filled the social media space that would give 4 winners and 4 guests the experience of a lifetime. Kari, a winner...

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All-Season vs. Winter Tires: The Differences of a Cold Climate Tire

Winter is just around the corner, and if you’re in a cold-weather area that sees snow and ice, you’ll want to change over to a winter tire for maximum traction and safety before the temperatures drop to freezing. You may wonder why a winter tire would be a better choice when you are already riding on an all-season...

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Relentless Renezeder Takes LOORRS Challenge Cup Round 18

Smart racing strategy and a team that scrambled to swap motors and prep the truck payed off for Carl Renezeder, as he wraps up the 2015 race season with 14 podiums, including the much-coveted LOORRS Challenge Cup for the third time.

Congratulations to Carl and the team on a well-deserved win at Lake Elsinore! Stay...

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