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Backyard Build: Suspension Installation with General Grabber™ AT²

Backyard Build: Suspension Installation with General Grabber™ AT²

The purpose of most suspension installs are to get more meat under the fenders of your off-road vehicle. A bigger tire will create a larger contact patch to grab the ground and pull your 4x4 through whatever terrain you’re traversing. And being able to add that suspension yourself to get a little more out of your 4x4... well, that’s just all the more satisfying!

Harry Wagner at 4Wheeler recently helped a budding off-road enthusiast getting his truck ready for more adventure with a photo-journal of his Tacoma suspension install to add a set of General Grabber AT²'s, making sure that anywhere is possible with this young enthusiast’s pride and joy.

The Grabbers are the perfect tires for this truck, as they are more aggressive than stock while providing great traction in a wide variety of environments from sand to pavement to snow.

Why not try a set of General Grabber AT2s yourself and share your pics and experience with us. It’ll be one of the best decisions you make for your truck!