CJ Hutchins

Founder of professional CJ Hutchins off-road racing team, self-confessed hardcore General Grabber fan and winner of the General Tire Vegas to Reno in 1500 Class.
CJ Hutchins

To survive the deserts of the rugged southwest, you have to have WATER. Second, I would have my faithful Hutchins Motorsports pre-runner that won't leave me stranded. Of course this means, I would need my General Grabbers, so I am not changing tires all weekend. The fourth component of the trip would have to be my Ipod! You can't be out there for days on end without some tunes! Last, but not least, is a lighter! I never go into the desert without a lighter in my pocket, as you never know when you will be spending the night in an unexpected location, it gets cold in the desert at night!


Twitter // Facebook // Instagram:
@CJHutchins1527 // C.J. Hutchins // @c.j._hutchins

Top 3 people to follow on social media:
Baron of the Sea, Dana White and General Tire.

Daily Driver:
Fored F-350 with Grabbers

Favorite race and why?
Vegas to Reno because I like the fast roads.

Do you have a pre-race routine you go through before heading out into the desert?
Not really. I've got nothing.

What other adventurous activities do you do outside racing
I love snowbaording and mountain biking.

Best place to go off-roading for a weekend?
The great state of Nevada.

If you were going to do a weekend off-road trip, what five essential things would you bring with you?
Camera, Pre-Runner, Water, Lighter and Bud Light.

If you could go to dinner with five other people (dead or alive), who would you pick and why?
George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jesus, Susan B. Anthony.

Top three road trip songs in your opinion?
“Bro Hymn Tribute” - Pennywise, “Californication” – Red Hot Chili Peppers, “Get Out The Way” - Ludacris.

Best road trip you've ever taken:
I was driving to Utah one time to go snowboarding, in a blizzard, and we were going about 70 mph down I-15 and we decided the truck was going to go sideways so we drove sideways for a while going about 70, in a blizzard, at about two in the morning. That was an interesting road trip. We didn’t even get off the road. Made it there and back.

Bonus question: If you could go anywhere on your Grabber AT2s, where would you go?
Antarctica to see the penguins. I’m going to go destroy some snow.