Jim Beaver

The man with the plan. Jim Beaver has been a member of the General Tire team for many years and proves his involvment by outstanding performances.
Jim Beaver
Mini Bio

Jim Beaver comes from a long family line of racing, whether it be on land or water, wheels or not. Jim’s great grandfather, Dan, was an accomplished horse racer. Jim’s grandfather, Marion, is a multi-time national hydroplane boat racing champion, and a multi-time world record holder and Jim’s father, Dan, is a 30-year veteran of class 8 off-road racing. An accomplished racer in his own right, Jim has been a winner in every class he has competed in and close to cementing his legacy as one of this current generation’s stars. Between his Trophy Truck racing career, Terracross Racing career, and the world’s #1 action motorsports radio show at his fingertips, Jim Beaver has become a force in the industry and a tough act to follow.



Twitter // Instagram: @jimbeaver15 // @jimbeaver15

Top 3 People to follow on social media?
General Tire, Ken Block and Race Desert.

Daily Driver:
Raptor with 37” Grabbers

Favorite Race and why?
Parker 425 just because it’s our hometown race and the kickoff to the new season. I like the track, it’s really fast.

Do you have a pre-race routine you go through before heading out into the dessert?
Not really. I’m different than a lot of people. I just make sure I stretch good and always drink lots of water up until the race. But no specific routine.

What other adventurous activites to you participate in?
Really involved in the off-road community outside of BITD. I was in Michigan hosting a rally race in the woods earlier this year. Snowmobiling, wakeboarding, UTV’ing, anything in the outdoors, I’m all over it. I even coach T-ball.

Best place to go off-roading for a weekend?
I would definitely say around Parker, Arizona. We have endless trails, hundreds and hundreds of miles actually. Even though it’s in my backyard I can go out and never see the same rock and there are plenty of trails left for the next day.

If you were going to do a weekend off-road trip, what five essential things would you bring with you?
Ice Chest, Extra Fuel, Camp Supplies, Music and Stuff for a campfire.

If you could go to dinner with five other people (dead or alive), who would you pick and why?
Richard Petty – stories would be awesome, Any of our Presidents – to see what happens behind-the-scenes, Henry Ford – good stories, Pete Rose – to find out his take on a lot of things, and Babe Ruth.

Top three road trip songs in your opinion?
“Life is a Highway” – Rascal Flatts, “Sweet Home Alabama” – Lynrd Skynyrd and Anything Guns ‘n Roses

Best road trip you have ever taken?
My wife and I have taken a couple trips to Minnesota. One when she wasn’t pregnant and one when she was. We’ve always got stories and there are roads off the beaten path you can take. It’s always been fun. We don’t get to do it much anymore since we have a six-year-old daughter.

Bonus question: If you could go anywhere on your Grabber AT2s, where would you go?
Antarctica to go hit the snow.