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General Tire Continues as Official Tire of Jeepspeed
General Tire Continues as Official Tire of Jeepspeed

Fort Mill, SC – December 4, 2014. General Tire and Jeepspeed announced today that General Tire has agreed to a multi-year sponsorship to continue as the official tire of the Jeepspeed Desert Race Series beginning January 2015. Since 2008, General Tire has been the official tire of Jeepspeed with teams utilizing the famed GRABBER tire. The partnership has allowed Jeepspeed to offer its competitors affordable racing within the Best in the Desert (BITD) Series where budget-conscious racers can compete on the same race courses as the pros.

“We’re proud to extend our sponsorship with Jeepspeed,” said Travis Roffler, director of marketing for General Tire. “This is an action-packed, affordable race series that continues to grow each year so it’s a great partnership for us.”
Clive Skilton, Jeepspeed founder, said, "We are honored that General Tire has decided to continue its marketing relationship with Jeepspeed. Today you see thousands of Jeeps on the road with the familiar Red Letters Grabbers. It is quite remarkable how this success has occurred in recent years with Jeep enthusiasts that follow Jeepspeed and participate in Jeep enthusiast adventures."

Born from competition, the GRABBER tire is used by all Jeepspeed competition vehicles which are shod with DOT-approved 33” and 35” tires. Each race weekend team’s race on some of the roughest terrain in the US and the GRABBER continues to provide the traction, durability and performance needed for them to compete at the highest levels. These are the same tires consumers can purchase at their local General Tire dealer.

In 2015, there will be three classes within Jeepspeed broke out between the Jeepspeed Challenge and Jeepspeed Outlaws Cup. Details include:

The General Tire Jeepspeed Challenge

Production Class 1700

Short wheel base Jeeps.
6 cylinder only with 33" max tires.
Suspension 10" front travel and 12" rear.
One shock per wheel.

The General Tire Jeepspeed Outlaws Cup

Class 3750 (new for 2015)

Restricted Modified Jeep and Dodge SUVs and trucks.
117" max wheelbase.
Jeep/Mopar V8 or 6 cylinder up to 6 liters.
No SRT variants.
Forced induction ok on 6 cyl.
35" max tires.
Suspension 12" front travel and 14" rear.
One shock per wheel.

Class 3700

Open Modified Jeep and Dodge SUVs and trucks.
Any production based engine.
37" max tires.
Suspension 15" front travel open rear travel.
Shock size and number of shocks open.

The 2015 Jeepspeed schedule includes six races across the southwest including:

DATE RACE LOCATION Feb 5/6/7 BITD Bluewater Resort Parker 425 PResented By Impact Parker, AZ March 12/13/14 BITD General Tire Mint 400 Las Vegas, NV May 1/2/3 BITD Canidae Tap ItSilver State 300 Nevada August 13/14/15 BITD General Tire Vegas to Reno Presented By Fox Las Vegas, NV October 8/9/10 BITD Bluewater Desert Challenge Parker, AZ Dec. 4/5/6 BITD Henderson 250 Henderson, NV

For detailed rules of the Jeepspeed Series, visit Jeepspeed rules. If you are interested in racing in the Jeepspeed Series, visit Jeepspeed.com for more details or you can send an email to jeepspeedcom@aol.com.

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