GrabberTM APT

4.4 (149)
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  • Satisfaction trial 45 Days
  • Limited Treadwear Warranty 60,000 Miles
  • Light Truck/SUV
  • All-Terrain
  • All-Season

The Grabber™ APT is a durable, all-season all-terrain tire for light trucks and SUVs. Developed for on-road performance and off-road traction, this tire comes complete with Duragen Technology, which provides enhanced strength and durablility, and carries the 3-Peak Mountain Snowflake symbol for severe winter conditions.

  • Balanced on-road performance with off-road traction
  • Enhanced strength and durability
  • Low road noise
  • Long-lasting treadwear

Technologies & Features: 

  • Duragen Technology
  • 3-Peak Mountain Snowflake*
  • Available in Outlined White Letter (OWL) and Black Sidewall (BSW)

*Select sizes only

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