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General Tire Hooks New Anglers for 2018
General Tire Hooks New Anglers for 2018

What does it take to be on Team GT? It takes grit, determination, a sense of adventure and knowing that Anywhere Is Possible! And no one embodies this spirit more than a professional angler. So, we went on a search to find a couple of new members to join Team GT and found…. well… a few characters.

You may remember that Edwin Evers and Skeet Reese were considered “Fish out of Water” when they first came to the General Tire office. Now veterans of Team GT, we employed them to help as “Team GT Expands with New Hires.”

Candidates interviewed disappoint the pair with their lack of fishing experience. Credentials such as product planning didn’t do much to impress. However, things pick up when Ott DeFoe arrives with his Bassmaster Elite Series trophy in lieu of a traditional resume. And just like that, DeFoe was welcomed to the fold.

In "Tall Tale," Reese can’t wait to tell a co-worker about his weekend on the water. As he proudly recalls reeling in one of the largest fish he’s ever caught, Evers and DeFoe can’t help but overhear. As Reese shows off a photocopied replica of the bass so large it took two pages to print, Team GT’s Mark Rose appears with the catch, much smaller than was recounted, that was left on the machine by Reese. With his story blown, everyone shares a laugh at Reese’s expense as he returns to his desk.

Returning to Team GT’s lineup of anglers for 2018 are:

    • Reese, a veteran of 10 MLF events, including one championship appearance.

    • Evers, who owns an MLF win in the 2013 Challenge Cup.

    • John Crews, a nine-time Classic qualifier and 2010 Bassmaster Elite Series champion.

    • Britt Myers, a tournament winner and a veteran of 39 total events fished in MLF.

Joining Team GT’s in 2018 are:

    • DeFoe, a four-time Bassmaster event winner. The first Tennessean in the Elite Series, DeFoe finished fourth in points en route to winning the 2011 Bassmaster Rookie of the Year award. DeFoe notched his first Elite Series victory on the Mississippi River in 2016, and has since gone on to make 11 MLF appearances in Selects and Cups.

    • Rose, a veteran of the FLW Tour since 1996, owns eight wins and over 30 top-10 event finishes. He became the first angler in FLW Tour history to win back-to-back FLW Tour events in 2017. Rose has made eight MLF appearances in Selects and Cups, and has one championship appearance.

Look for the new General Tire fishing commercials during the 2018 General Tire Major League Fishing Cup series on Outdoor Channel, Saturdays from 2 – 4 p.m. ET. Visit www.teamgtfishing.com for more information!

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