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General Tire Introduces GRABBER Dirt Tire for ARCA Racing Series
General Tire Introduces GRABBER Dirt Tire for ARCA Racing Series

The next two races for the ARCA Racing Series Presented by Menards are on 1-mile clay ovals – Springfield and DuQuoin. The race slicks used for pavement tracks are not an option for the heavy stock cars to use on dirt. Therefore, General Tire has introduced the new GRABBER treaded bias-ply tire for exclusive use on these two dirt tracks. The tire features a grooved tread pattern to provide increased grip on the dirt surface and a large “General Grabber” name in white block font on the sidewall.

In addition to supplying the new race tire, General Tire is the title sponsor of the DuQuoin race now known as the “General Tire GRABBER 100 at DuQuoin” set to take place on Labor Day weekend. The race entitlement will mark the fourth ARCA race sponsored by General Tire in 2016.

According to the director of marketing for General Tire, Travis Roffler, the timing of this new dirt tire and race entitlement is perfect.

“We’re excited to introduce our new Grabber dirt race tire as it coincides perfectly with the GRABBER 100 event at DuQuoin and the introduction of our newest light truck tire in the Grabber family, the Grabber X3,” stated Roffler. “We have been developing the X3 for more than three years and we can’t wait to get it to our dealers so the off-road enthusiasts can get their hands on it. The anticipated demand has been impressive and we hope the new race Grabber and Grabber 100 event will tie it all together for the fans,” admitted Roffler.

The Central Illinois SuperChevyStores.com 100 presented by Jive will get the green flag at 1:30pm on Sunday, August 21 at the Illinois State Fairgrounds in Springfield, IL. The following Sunday, September 4, the General Tire GRABBER 100 will be run under the lights at 8:00 pm at the DuQuoin State Fairgrounds in DuQuoin, IL. Both races will be broadcast live on the American Sports Network.

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