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General Tire’s New G-MAX AS-05 Available
General Tire’s New G-MAX AS-05 Available

The new General Tire ultra-high performance all-season G-MAX AS-05 is officially available in stores as of TODAY.

The G-MAX AS-05, successor to the G-MAX AS-03, is a bold ultra-high performance tire offering all-season traction. The new tire features an asymmetric tread pattern with a 50,000-mile limited tread wear warranty. Smart Grip Technology offers sporty performance on dry roads and sure footed grip in wet and snow conditions. Its StabiliTread Technology creates a flatter and larger contact patch which promotes more even wear and longer tread life. Smart Monitor indicators alert the driver when the vehicle is misaligned and when the tire needs to be replaced. A total of 54 sizes will be included in diameters ranging from 16" up to 22" with a range of 35 to 55 series covering 90% of the market. It's a smarter tire for a smarter driver.

The new UHP tire was initially introduced to dealers and media in March. One set of dealers and media learned about the tire details while cruising to the Bahamas on the annual GOLD dealer trip. At the end of that same week, a second set of dealers and media got firsthand experience with the new tire as they drove vehicles equipped with the new tire at the General Tire proving grounds in Uvalde, Texas.

General Tire’s director of marketing, Travis Roffler is anxious to get the new tire out to dealers.

“We’re excited to finally get this tire in the hands of our dealers. We’ve talked about this tire now for a while and we’re ready to have the dealers introduce it to their customer base,” admitted Roffler. “The initial feedback we received after we introduced it has been very positive so now we’re ready to get consumers driving on it.”

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