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The General Store DeLIVErs at MLF’s REDCREST
The General Store DeLIVErs at MLF’s REDCREST

Step into the world of fishing fervor as we dive into the thrilling recap of Major League Fishing's REDCREST 2024! The arena was set, the anglers were geared, and the waters of Lay Lake brimmed with anticipation as fishing aficionados from around the globe tuned in to witness the spectacle unfold.

In a display of sheer prowess and determination, TeamGT Fishing's Alton Jones Jr. soared to yet another runner-up finish at REDCREST, cementing his position as a force to be reckoned with in the Major League Fishing, Bass Pro Tour. With a remarkable haul of nineteen bass, totaling a whopping 52 pounds 2 ounces, Jones Jr. clinched second place, falling just shy of the championship glory that Dustin Connell claimed on the exhilarating championship day.

Alton Jones Jr. with Dustin Connell and the REDCREST trophy

But Jones Jr. wasn't the lone star from TeamGT Fishing to grace Lay Lake's challenging waters. The roster boasted names like Ott Defoe, Mark Rose, Edwin Evers, and Andy Montgomery, all of whom showcased their skills and tenacity, making their mark in the coveted 2024 REDCREST cut.

Andy Montgomery, Ott DeFoe, and Edwin Evers chat with the fans

Amidst the intense competition, the spirit of camaraderie and fan engagement shone brightly as TeamGT Anglers embraced their supporters at the REDCREST Outdoor Sports Expo held at the Birmingham Jefferson Convention Center. The expo, a paradise for fishing enthusiasts, offered a glimpse into the cutting-edge gear, tackle, boats, and innovations from MLF sponsoring companies.

Grand Opening of the General Store

Adding a delightful twist to the experience, the nearly 60,000 fans got the exclusive opportunity to explore the General Store nestled within the General Tire booth. Decked with a range of TeamGT Anglers' branded merchandise, the shelves became a hot spot for enthusiasts. Notably, Edwin Evers' Pecans emerged as a crowd favorite, adding a flavorful touch to the festivities.

Dalton Head and Ott DeFoe chat with some fans

Britt Myers and Mark Rose meet the next generation of MLF anglers

While the General Store bids adieu until the next REDCREST, you can continue to show your support for TeamGT Anglers through the provided links below, ensuring that the fishing fervor never wanes.

As the curtains draw on REDCREST 2024, the stage is set for the Major League Fishing series to resume its enthralling journey. The upcoming destination? Dale Hollow Lake in Byrdstown, TN, where from April 9th to 14th, the thrill of angling excellence will once again take center stage.

Stay tuned to teamgtfishing.com for an exciting array of new TeamGT fishing content this spring, promising an immersive dive into the world of angling adventures and expertise! 

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