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General Tire is newest Proud Partner of Ducks Unlimited
General Tire is newest Proud Partner of Ducks Unlimited

Ducks Unlimited (DU) is excited to welcome General Tire as its newest Proud Partner. DU’s Corporate Partner Program is comprised of an elite list of companies that go above and beyond DU’s conservation call to action.

The partnership between DU and General Tire is a multi-year brand sponsorship offering comprehensive support across multiple fundraising platforms in the organization. The revenue generated from this sponsorship will allow DU to fund conservation projects in our highest priority landscapes, where ducks need it the most.

“General Tire is a great addition to DU’s stable of corporate support,” said DU Chief Fundraising Officer Amy Batson. “Not only do they offer premium products, but their brand also adds value and credibility to DU’s brand. We are very excited to have them join us as a partner in conservation.”

For more than 100 years, General Tire has produced quality tires for passenger, SUV, truck, and commercial vehicles that deliver exceptional performance in all conditions. Ducks Unlimited members and supporters who are active in the outdoors can rest assured that General Tire has a tire that fits their lifestyle and their adventure.

“We are honored to enter into this partnership to help protect and conserve America’s wetland and wildlife habitats,” said General Tire Director of Marketing Travis Roffler. “At General Tire, we make tires that get the outdoor enthusiast anywhere they want to go, and we are proud that Ducks Unlimited will be using our tires to accomplish their important work preserving those hunting and fishing lands for future generations to enjoy.”

For more information visit www.ducks.org. Follow DU’s news Twitter feed – @DUNews1937 – to get the most up-to-date news from Ducks Unlimited.

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