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Mylo Fowler Leads Humanitarian Effort in the Navajo Nation
Mylo Fowler Leads Humanitarian Effort in the Navajo Nation

Humanitarian, Navajo Nation tribal member, and Team GT ambassador Mylo Fowler has been working for several years to give power to the remote locations of the Navajo Nation without access to power or running water. But the COVID-19 pandemic created a whole new challenge for the Navajo Nation: Children with limited access to power and supplies now being forced to study from home. 

Enter Mylo who has brought together several partners to support Heart of America in providing a learning-from-home kit that delivered a lifeline to more than 3000 students and their families. Each kit included: solar lanterns, books, school supplies, art materials, and STEM learning kits – all of which are designed to make distance learning possible.

Mylo has long relied on his GRABBER X3 to help him reach the remote locations around the country that have produced some of his award-winning photography. However, it is his efforts delivering the distance learning kits or installing home lighting solar kits that provide him the greatest satisfaction. 

"I grew up without running water or electricity and a huge 30 square mile backyard on the Navajo Nation," said Mylo. "Fast forward from when I graduated high school 20 years ago, I now wonder why (over 40% of the) students are still living like I was 20 years ago without basic needs. I came up with a wild idea to help our youth with distance learning because if you don't have electricity, you don't have a fridge, warm water, the internet and a lot of other things. We've now delivered over 4,500 distance learning kits across the Southwest and are planning to deliver another 1,500 kits by the end of June.

Since most of the families live in remote areas, having a solid truck and tires to handle the rough roads is crucial because just getting there is sometimes half of the battle. The X3 gets me to those families in need and that is my favorite kind of footprint to leave behind.

If people would like to donate to our 501c(3) non-profit partner Heart of America, they can donate here: https://donatenow.networkforgood.org/heartofamericaresponds"

We are proud to be supporting Mylo as he continues to give back to the Navajo Nation.

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