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Clay Croft
Clay Croft

Daily Driver
AEV Prospector - 3500 Diesel.
Pre-event ritual
Sitting in the truck thinking about the trip ahead.
If I wasn't an athlete
I would be a drone pilot or a bush pilot.
How I got started
Weekend warrior turned Overland fanatic.
On my day off
I like to participate with the Local Search and Rescue team or Fly fish with my boys.
My ideal roadtrip would be
A Road trip fly fishing my way through Montana's backroads that have access to so many secret spots long forgotten.
General Tire of choice
Grabber A/TX

Career Highlights

• Traveled the entire length of the Pan American Highway from Alaska to Patagonia over the course of 5 years, while producing a 36 episode trilogy series on the adventure.
• Traveled the Road Of Bones in Russia.
• Have been able to make a passion of overlanding and filming into a career. 
• Greenland Crossing Expedition (Expeditions 7)( April/May 2108)
• Established Director/Cinematographer 
• Eight year Search and rescue member and former board member.