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The SpeedFreaks
The SpeedFreaks

SpeedFreaks (spelled ONE word with a capital F) is a national radio show that airs every Sunday night to wrap up the stories in the weekend of racing… all 52 weeks a year… all since the turn of the century.

And of course, the Freaks became so incredibly proficient at what they do over time that racing series and sponsors have hired them to host special events and parties and even TV shows on CBS, NBC Sports, Speed Channel, ESPN and MavTV, just to name a few. Animal Planet? Yeah, that was Kenny Sargent.

Daily Driver
Kenny sports a Chevy Tahoe with a mad set of Grabber APTs
Pre-event ritual
Feed the squirrels that power the radio and video gear and then press ON
How I got started
There was not one freakin’ radio show that talked smack about and to motorsports stars & series. Nor was there any inkling of media entity like SpeedFreaks that had has seen it’s share “smack back.” So we found a sugar daddy and lit up the FreakNation on June 25, 2000. The rest as we say is history. Or at least that’s what we’ve read.
On my day off
Kenny Sargent enjoys a vicious game of Uno with his young daughter; Crash Gladys likes to pick fights on Twitter; and Statt Mann finds time to school even the smartest F1 and Rally so called know-it-alls down at the local pool hall.
My ideal roadtrip would be
The three of us in a 1976 El Dorado Cadillac, complete with a smooth set of longhorns on the hood and noir flames coming out of the wheel well, cruisin’ the coasts of the Yucatan Peninsula.
Fun Fact:
Kenny: was an All District barefoot soccer style kicker in high school; hosted a show on Animal Planet called “Zig and Zag Alpha Dog Challenge”; and lived in Tokyo, Japan hosting a music show called “Ax-Wave”
Fun Fact:
Crash: beat out Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria for the female lead on SpeedFreaks; was an Indy 500 Princess; and was once fired by Kenny Sargent (then married him 9 years later and gave birth to their spectacular daughter Henley on January 1, 2014)
Fun Fact:
Statt Mann: was an award-winning television producer, newspaper and magazine writer; spent some good time wheeling a rally car; and once drove a formula race car around the parking lot of the old Los Angeles Forum (then security showed up)
Most Memorable TEAM GT Moment:
Wow! Where do we begin…from taping radio and TV shows at the finish line of the General Tire Mint 400 to crowd surfing with General Tire Off Road drivers after winning short course championships to rippin’ it on the tarmac and dirt while demoing some of the choicest GT’s on the planet. Yup. We got’er done!

Career Highlights

SpeedFreaks is the longest running national motorsports radio show on the planet and as celebrated our 21st year in 2021

SpeedFreaks brought it’s one of a kind FREAK style to television landing on SPEED Channel from 2004 to 2006, ESPN2 from 2007 to 2008 and MAVTV from 2009 to 2010

SpeedFreaks accepted invitations to broadcast from the biggest motorsports venues on the planet from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to kicking off the Dakar Rally in Barcelona, Spain to Budapest, Hungary for the Air Races to the 24 Hours of Daytona to F1’s Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. Check Please!