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5 Tips for Properly Storing Your Tires
5 Tips for Properly Storing Your Tires

Tires are an investment. They are also highly engineered in an effort to provide specific performance. In an effort to maintain the performance and integrity of your tires, it is very important to store them properly when not in use. Here are five key tips to keep in mind for properly storing your tires.

    1) Before storing your tires, new or used, be sure the tires are clean. Use soap and water to remove dirt, brake dust or any chemicals from the tires. Be sure the tires have thoroughly dried before storing.

    2) Once the tires are clean and dry, consider placing each tire in a large black bag to help limit dirt and sun exposure to the tires. Remove as much air from the bag as possible and use tape to secure the bag.

    3) Be sure the area that you choose to store your tires is clean, cool and dry. Remove any chemicals or sharp objects that could damage the tires. Also, be sure there are is no machinery or electric motors nearby to avoid exposure to ozone.

    4) Ideally, store the tires upright in tire racks to avoid distortion of the sidewall and bead area. If you have to stack the tires, place the bottom tire on a pallet or piece of wood to minimize moisture.

    5) If your tires have raised white letters, outlined white letters or white sidewalls, have those areas facing each other to keep the white clean and avoid staining those areas on each tire.

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