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The All-New GRABBER APT Offers Some of Everything
The All-New GRABBER APT Offers Some of Everything

So you drive a truck and you’re in need of a new set of tires. Like many, you have no idea what tire you should consider. You use the truck mostly to commute back and forth to work. You may have a boat or small trailer. Maybe you like to take a dirt road when you can or haul your dirt bikes out to the trails when time allows. Perhaps you live in an area that gets a few inches of snow a few times each year. Does this sound familiar? If so, we have the perfect tire that can handle all of those needs.

The all-new GRABBER APT. It’s the newest member of the GRABBER family of light truck and SUV tires. The GRABBER APT is an all-purpose-terrain tire designed specifically for on-road, off-road and snow performance.

The GRABBER APT is positioned in a spot that was not filled by the current GRABBER product portfolio. On the aggressiveness chart, the GRABBER APT assumes a position in between the current all-terrain GRABBER AT2 and the highway-terrain GRABBER HTS60. This tire is the perfect blend of all-terrain, off-road capability and excellent on-road performance designed for all weather conditions.

The new GRABBER APT features several exclusive General Tire technologies. Comfort BalanceTM Technology provides a cushioned tread that absorbs road disturbances for a more comfortable and pleasant ride. Additionally, grooves in the tread are angled away from the center grooves to help dissipate sound which provides a quiet ride. StabiliTreadTM Technology promotes even wear and longer tread life via even pressure distribution and a robust tread compound. Finally, DuraGenTM Technology offers high strength construction for impressive durability in off-road situations and delivers the cut and chip performance on rough surfaces that sets the GRABBER line apart from others. All these technologies marry together for the perfect balance of on and off-road performance in the GRABBER APT.


he GRABBER APT is available in 26 replacement articles in mostly metric sizes of 16” to 22.” Two additional articles are OE fitments for the Nissan Titan. A 60,000 mile limited tread wear warranty supports the tire along with Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake Certification. Sidewall styling is available in black and outline white letter.

To learn more, drive over to GeneralTire.com and once you’ve made your choice, use our Dealer Locator to find the closest tire dealer near you. Happy driving!

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